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"Diet is a science and eating is an art"

My journey

Since my childhood, I have encountered difficulties in managing my diet and many digestive problems. I was later diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome along with several allergies responsible for my symptoms. This is why after my years of studying dietetics, I decided to specialize in therapeutic diet low in FODMAP and the management of symptoms related to intolerances and irritable bowel syndrome in children and adults. .  

Since then, I have been able to stabilize my digestive discomfort and find a balance between pleasure and food. Today, I want to share my knowledge with you and anyone who feels the need. My main role is you  accompany  at each stage of your life, or if you want to improve your eating habits, in the case of weight loss or gain, a vegetarian diet (lienne) or metabolic diseases (diabetes, pathologies heart, kidney failure, etc.).

Very active on the networks, you will find in the category of recipes or on the page  reception; balanced recipes, vegetarian or vegan, poor in Fodmap, fun recipes ... that I make on a daily basis. I also like to make "identity cards" for each food. I will also share little culinary and nutritional tips with you.  

We look forward to welcoming you to my office located in Waterloo, remotely or at your home.

Formation continue

Formation en Kinésiologie Psycho-énergétique complémentaire auprès de Sophie Nasseaux 


Pleine conscience, Florian Saffer EN COURS

DU/ Formation complémentaire en Diététique avec spécificité pédiatrique : de la conception à l’adolescence  (2022)

Spécialisation dans l'alimentation pauvre en FODMAP et la gestion des symptômes liés aux intolérances et au syndrome de l’intestin irritable chez les enfants et les adultes auprès de la Monash University (2020)


Approved by SPF Santé n ° 329403

INAMI N ° 5-63494-76-601


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